Training Showcase Committee

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Training Showcase Information

Committee Members


   Pat Carterette
   Georgia Public Library Service
   A Unit of the University System of Georgia
   1800 Century Place, Suite 150
   Atlanta, GA 30345-4304
   Phone: 404-235-7124
   Fax: 404-235-7201


   Melissa Lattanzi
   Northeast Ohio Regional Library System
   4445 Mahoning Ave. NW
   Warren, OH 44483
   Phone: 330-847-7744 ext. 12
   Fax: 330-847-7704

BIGWIG Partnership

In 2009, CLENE will be partnering with the LITA BIGWIG Interest Group to add a combination of online and live components to the Training Showcase.

This partnership is in the process of being negotiated (as of Jan 14) but we've discussed their involvement taking a number of different shapes. There are a variety of options which scale nicely depending on how much we (and they) want to bite off.

Peter suggested that he'd like to see some content from the training showcase being made available online to CLENE members who can't attend. This content could be hosted our wiki and could include any mixture of these elements:

We're not going to do all of these things--just pick a few things from the menu for starters. It was also suggested that BIGWIG might staff a booth at the Training Showcase. This would give them the opportunity to discuss/explain how they've helped us integrate the new technologies, and also give them a platform for recruitment/awareness.


  • Rachel Vacek, Bigwig VP/Prez Elect attended the Training Showcase meeting at Midwinter. She went back and reported to BIGWIG. They are now putting a group together to work with us on the Showcase. -PJB