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Stay in Touch!


  • NEW!! CLENEBIZ Listserv:
    • Purpose: For those actively taking a leadership role in CLENE to communicate with each other about the status of projects and programs.
    • Who should join: All CLENE members who are currently involved with CLENE projects/programs or want to get involved--or simply want to watch the sausage being made. This is an open list and we invite you to participate or simply lurk.
    • How to join: Go to or send an email (no subject or body required) to [ or send an email (no subject or body required) to to request a subscription.
    • How to post: After joining, you can post by sending messages to: CLENEBIZ[at]googlegroups[dot]com

  • CLENE Board Listserv. For current CLENE Board members only. Click here to see who is currently subscribed to the list.
    • Purpose: For CLENE Board Members to communicate with each other.
    • Who should join: This is a closed list. ALA will add members as they are elected to the CLENE Board. For more information, please contact Peter Bromberg at peterbromberg[at]gmail[dot]com
    • How to post: After being added to the list, you can post by sending messages to clenebd[at]ala[dot]org

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